The Democratic Communicators Network (DCNet) is the professional association to strengthen and connect Democratic message operations.

DCNet was founded in 2007 by Congressional staffers to bring communicators together to share their personal expertise, learn new skills, brainstorm strategies and build alliances on and off the Hill in order to strengthen Democratic message making.

Hundreds of communicators from the House, Senate, the Administration, nonprofits and the private sector regularly participate in DCNet’s networking and professional development activities. Past guests include Mike McCurry; Bill Burton; Stephanie Cutter; Elizabeth Warren; Karen Finney; Eric Burns; Bill Schneider; Brendan Daly; Matthew Miller; Jennifer Crider; Washington reporters and bookers from all the major outlets; New Organizing Institute; Truman National Security Project and Google.

Here are examples of what we provide our members throughout the year:

  • Mentoring for new communications staff
  • Training Workshops on essential communications skills
  • Distinguished Speakers providing inside access to the nation’s top communicators
  • Roundtable Discussions to share practical press ideas and experiences
  • Networking Events to bring together flacks from on and off the Hill
  • Field trips to newsrooms in D.C. and beyond
  • Job advice and listings

All events are planned by volunteer committees of press and communications staffers.