“DCNet builds a bridge between House and Senate press staffers and those off the Hill as well. Through DCNet events, I’ve met dozens of people whom I’m glad to know but may not have met without the group. I’ve built some of my strongest professional relationships through DCNet.”

“Hashing out problems with staff from different offices is very helpful.”

“I am coming away with a variety of improvements for future press conferences.”

“It was great to hear the ‘war stories’ from different perspectives.”

“I’m looking forward to more of the DCNet sessions – the small groups were very helpful for folks in new member offices coming from the campaign environment.”

“Most helpful – even more than the great advice – is the sense the caucus is working together and hearing what other press secretaries are dealing with and what strategies they employ.”

“The Google seminar was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. I thought I knew some of the tricks of Google before, but I had no idea the scope of the functions. Very informative and well presented.”

“Working for an advocacy organization, it was personally helpful to tune into the thought processes and ideas of Congressional staffers on this issue. The participants in the rural discussion circle definitely appreciated sharing ideas and strategies with one another.”

“The session was excellent from start to finish. The handouts were very helpful. It was the perfect amount of time and the panelists were fabulous.”